Reinventing the Startup Competition

The MORE Foundation was founded to educate, coach, and teach students at universities and colleges to be responsible entrepreneurs and to advance innovation and technological solutions.

The MORE Approach

For universities with a focus on entrepreneurship, 
the MORE Foundation provides a powerful and unique startup competition program. 

A Level Playing Field

A completely unique competition format – where all participants are introduced to the same vetted commercialization opportunities at the same time.

Why the MORE Foundation?

The United States needs to create a total of 21 million new jobs in this decade to put unemployed Americans back to work and to employ its growing population*. Yet this need comes at a time when business lifecycles are diminishing. Given shorter lifespans, companies are no longer training and preparing people for the future as they did in past generations. Instead, young people are encouraged to go out and create their own opportunities. Meanwhile, start-up enterprises are failing at an alarming rate and 95 percent of patents are never licensed or commercialized**. As a result of these gaps, young entrepreneurs need help to successfully launch companies, execute their plans and create new jobs. MORE closes those gaps by providing pre-screened Intellectual Patents, business experts, contacts and other resources that help students lay the foundation for a viable business.

What We Do

MORE sponsors startup competitions in cooperation with universities  that team students and mentors in the commercialization of existing intellectual property. Winning teams receive prizes and support from MORE to launch their business and make it a success. 

Unique Format

Students select from  intellectual property provided at the beginning of the competition. This levels the playing field for the competition and removes several variables that skew results (e.g. industry, market size, conception date, etc.) found in most current start-up competitions.

Looking Forward

MORE brings together key elements and support that give students a unique advantage in launching businesses that can provide the jobs and opportunities of tomorrow.

*McKinsey Global Institute Report “An economy that works: Job creation and America’s future”

**Forbes, June 18, 2014

Who We Serve

The unique MORE Foundation Startup Competition is a holistic program that creates distinct opportunities for a variety of participants.


Students, faculty, and staff gain unparalleled real-world exposure and experience in developing businesses utilizing existing intellectual property.


The MORE program provides a clear path to bring inventions to the marketplace through a university based energetic contest environment. Submit your patent for review HERE.

Submit Patents Here
Mentors / Community

Working with mentors and entrepreneurial professionals, the MORE program focuses on research, analysis, writing and speaking skills, teamwork, and networking.


The MORE Foundation receives support through donations, event sponsorship, and individual team project support.

Who We Are

MORE is a group of experienced business leaders, entrepreneurs, operations experts, attorneys, inventors, teachers, fundraisers and communicators who believe that America's bright future is dependent on helping young people establish, build, and sustain the companies and jobs of tomorrow.

More Information

Whether you’re a university, an entrepreneur, a mentor, a sponsor or just someone looking to get more involved in the startup community – we welcome you!